Should the Jews "Get the h*** out of Palestine?"

Author: Andy Woods
Date Written: December 12, 2013
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Should the Jews "get the h*** out of Palestine" as so in-artfully put by the late well-known White House reporter Helen Thomas? Take a look at the video below and discover why the Jews have every right to the biblical land of Israel as well as the entire city of Jerusalem based solely on the grounds of international law. The ruling of the San Remo Conference on April 24-25 in 1920 gave the Jews their land rights, and yet very few people are aware of this legal precedent thanks to relentless pro-Palestinian, Islamic, and progressive propaganda. This presentation was given by Canadian international lawyer Dr. Jaques Gauthier who spent 20 years researching, writing, and defending his 1200 page, 10 pound dissertation containing 3200 footnotes at the University of Geneva under the non-friendly readership of dissertation supervisor Dr. Marcelo Kohen. Dr. Gauthier was our key note speaker at last week's Pre-Tribulational Study Group meeting, and below is a link to a similar talk that he gave to us at the Jerusalem Institute in Israel a couple of weeks ago. Learn the truth and stop being victimized by the anti-Israel propaganda machine.




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