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  1. I must say thanks to Andrew, and all the folks responsible for getting the web sites up and the great format (s).
    This is exactly what I have needed and wanted! I feel so blessed, and I pray that God will use these resources to draw people to Christ, in growth and evangelism. Thank you all! Kindly Jim Olson

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  3. Just wanted to say a few words about ‘The Coming Kingdom’. 1. It is a great read. 2. I can see that your writing seems to have a J. Dwight Pentecost tint. If I had not read his ‘Things to Come’, probably not. Remembered at one of the conferences you spoke at you mentioned him being a Professor of one of your studies and he advised you to write on Hebrew 6:4-6. Laughed at your comment. 3. The naming of ‘The Disciples Prayer’, a few very close friends have been calling it that for some time, but just don’t really discuss it. 4. I have already written too much, but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading it. Oh, one more thing. I have a Study Bible with MacArthur’s comments. I was wondering if I was the only person with so many Xs in the comments section
    God bless Barry E Templeton <

    1. Yes, Barry. Dr. Pentecost was my professor at Dallas Seminary. His book, had a big influence on me. However, I don’t agree with the “mystery form” of the kingdom that Pentecost wrote about. I rather lean toward Alva J. McClain’s book, “The Greatness of the Kingdom,” and my other DTS professor, Stanely Toussaint, who wrote, “Behold the King.”

    2. An enjoyable past-time for me is to edit JMac’s study Bible comments. It’s a good technical commentary but he’s influenced too much by a Calvinistic slant and a Lordship salvation misunderstanding. So when people see that I have a JMac study Bible they often misunderstand that what’s fun is to edit the commentary.

  4. I was wondering about the prayer promises or instructions given by Jesus in verses such as
    John 15:7, ( if ye abide in me and my words abide in you, you shall ask what you will and it will be done for you)
    Or Mt. 21:22
    (And all things whatever you ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive)
    My question is,
    1.) were these prayers only for that time ?(apostolic age, or mini kingdom dispensation) 2.) Are we to pray this way now? If so why don’t we see results, like the disciples and apostles did? If not, then why?
    3.) I am reading the coming kingdom, but dont see this question of prayer being discussed, at least have not come across it. (?)
    4.) My take is that though there is truth in the words of Jesus, those prayers were for a specific time and purpose,.to usher in the kingdom, so not for now.(?)
    5.) Since we see many including Paul, not healed. This would make sense.
    6.) If this perspective is correct, it would debunk a lot of abuse, and misuse of prayer hype, and theology….(that’s sort of a question)
    🙂 it would also help release a lot of folks, including me, from confusion.
    Kindly, Jim

  5. This is my “book of the year” hands down! I have been looking for something that I believe is scriptural, and Andy, you have hit a home run! I am currently summarizing the chapters of the first half of the book in such a way that others will want to get your book. (If I gave this book to my a-millennial pastor he would put it on the shelf) I have been so upset with how the church has wandered from the inerrancy of scripture and taken the liberty to spiritualize and change what was written. May God open the eyes of His people to truth!

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